Why Choose a Wrought Iron Lamp?


Light up your life with wrought iron lamp

A wrought iron lamp brightens any home, making it an excellent addition to any interior design. With a great combination of sturdy build, the wide variety of wrought iron lamp types available, and the reasonable pricing, wrought iron lamps offer fantastic value for money.  There unique look helps as well in making an impact on any room they light up. Whether used as a subtle side lighting in a living room, a reading lamp next to your bed, or a supplementary living room or dining room light, these lamps offer a stylish alternative to metal or plastic lights. 

Infinite variety
Due to the flexibility of the iron, wrought iron lamps can be bent, formed and shaped in an incredible number of ways, meaning that each piece retains a fantastic individuality.  There are also wide ranges of styles available; you can choose a very sleek and streamlined lamp, or look for something that is much more detailed and ornate.
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  Wrought iron lamps also come in a variety of colors, leaving you to choose a darker tone for a more rich design, or something light and sleek for light and open spaces.   In addition, for larger, more elaborate dining rooms, wrought iron chandeliers are also a fantastic option. You can find a variety of sophisticated, beautifully crafted chandeliers at Steven Handelman Studios, one of the premier wrought iron d袯r designers in the world. These one-of-a-kind pieces cannot be found elsewhere and boast a quality and artisanship that cannot be matched. The sheer variety of pieces to be found is staggering and offer homeowners an opportunity to choose pieces that fit in well with their overall, while still adding a bit of spice and style.

Feeling shady?
Another way to accentuate your wrought iron lamp is with a matching lampshade.  Most companies offer a variety both of the wrought iron lamp bases, which can vary from sleek to very ornate, and several lampshades from which you can choose. These can range from standard white or cream shades to the more vintage feeling glass shadings, and fun 20's style fabric shades with trim.  With a careful choice, a shade can completely change the complexity of your wrought iron lamp, pushing it from the merely functional to a bold and rich design statement. 

New Heights
The other great advantage of wrought iron lamps is that the style is flexible enough that it works in several different heights.  Many times the same great designs are available in both table lamp and standing lamp styles, which make it perfect for use both indoors and for covered patios and porches.  With all these lamps available at prices, which are competitive with lamps made from other materials, wrought iron lamps are a fantastic way to light up your life and your home while making a statement and adding fun and flair to your interior design.    

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